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Providing complete managed IT services for businesses and entrepreneurs

Headquartered in Akron Ohio, we believe in helping people thrive grow with the support and tools required in this digital age. Our firm specializes in all business technology needs, from a simple shop setup to the commercial office or school. Whether you’re a small business owner, entrepreneur, or office manager, we will not only provide the support when something goes wrong, but we’ll also protect and help it thrive in the future. We bring extensive experience and professionalism to every client and customize our support to your individual needs and concerns.

Focus on your strengths by allowing you to capitalize on more business opportunities while we proactively handle all of your IT support and IT network infrastructure needs.

Safeguard your business. Your IT network is safe from the latest threats.

Rest Easy – our IT support services will provide you worry-free IT.

Unlimited Remote and Onsite Help-desk IT support services for all your users.

Simple predictable level monthly rates for all your IT support services. No hidden fees or surprises.

We’re on the cutting edge of modern technology and media, and have the dedication and customer centered loyalty to go with it. There are many choices out there, but nowhere will you find a more honest and genuine IT company.

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We offer industry-leading IT solutions that address business goals, and we understand there is a need for a Small Business Plan designed to fit every budget.

Small Business Plans

Our customers experience increased business productivity by reducing downtime with our professional proactive IT support team.

Enterprise Quality Remote Management Tools, which allow our team to remotely manage and monitor your network, Anti-virus, malware, ransomware, and backups 24 x 7 including updates and security patches without having to worry.

Business Class Firewall and Security will be provided as well to keep your network safe around the clock. Our team will proactively manage to ensure the latest security updates are applied as well as monitor the latest threats.

Proactive Malware Protection will also be provided to add another layer of security to your network. This will protect vulnerable programs against zero-day attacks, ransomware and malware attacks with innovative exploit mitigation technology.

Central Ticketing System keeps everything organized and reduces the time required to troubleshoot and resolve an issue. If an issue arises, our tech support team can quickly resolve a matter without having to start at the beginning of the diagnostic process.

Centralized Management allows our tools to work together. All tools provided have been specifically selected to provide multi-level security protection while minimizing your down time.

 How Does Pricing work?

Peterson IT Solutions believes in simplicity when delivering solutions.

Our Small Business Plans  are available depending on the size of your business starting at:

$500 / month for 1-10 machines (including servers)
$750 / month for 11-20 machines (including servers)
$1150 / month for 20-50 machines (including servers)
when combined with one of our Service Agreements, which ensure our team is available when you need them.

Benefits of monthly plans over hourly rates include:

  • Cost savings (6 hours a month in service tickets would equal out)

  • Dedicated support team

  • Peace of mind knowing that all aspects of your IT is covered.

  • Data Security and backup monitoring

We also offer Hourly Rates for business owners that do not require full managed services

$80 / hour for remote or onsite work. Onsite trips require a $20-40 travel fee depending on location.

Hourly Rates are good for:

  • Single member businesses

  • Individuals

  • Temporary work


We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.
— Edmund Burke


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